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A joie de vivre of residences with a restaurant and a champagne bar in the heart of Bangkok’s fashion district.

Indochinoise takes us to an era of a belle epoque through incandescent glimpses of remembrance of a life and time, as if one is in a page of a story by the great French novelist Marguerite Duras. The eighteen suites and apartments with premium amenities are complemented by a restaurant and the lounge that is home to some of the most fascinating champagne list in the country. The rooftop pool, library, with endless nooks and corners throughout the property, is an oasis in the heart of the bustling Sukhumvit road.


Staying at Indochinoise evokes both the senses of a familiar comfort of home and also a dream to some faraway places; a perfect gateway from where further explorations and adventures up in the region await. The property is intimate enough to make an ideal venue for private events.


A Lanna manor house in the forest. A stay that captures the true essence of Northern Thailand.

Staying at Vana Som is a unique experience embodying the spirit of the region: Culture, hospitality, cuisine, and some of the last tracts of Thailand’s unspoilt wilderness. 

In addition to luxury country house accommodation conveniently close to Chiang Mai city, guests can be transported on a short distance into the world of organic farm gastronomy, the lure of mountain nature, and authentic hill tribe culture throughout their stay.  

Magnificent vistas and sunsets over the property’s private farm make for an intimate and remarkable experience. 

​Our team of hospitality specialists schooled in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels ensure that our core values of sustainability and responsible tourism are strictly adhered to.  


Some secret hidden gems

Welcome to the world of organic gastronomy in the highland!   An extension from the stay at Vana Som Reserve is an experience beyond the comfort of a luxury room on the foothill. 


The guest experience at our property is centered around gastronomy, agriculture, relaxation, and the authentic culture that is yet less discovered.

Our passion is to share with guests a way of life that is slowly disappearing; the beautiful, abundant and bountiful motherland, simplicity and wonder of nature, and the Lanna culture the way we know.