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beyond the norm


Faraway Elsewhere is a collection of Thailand’s unique hospitality offering high standards with a complete experience, privacy, and freedom. 


From time-travel residences in the capital Bangkok to the manor-house villa in the foothill of Chiang Mai, to an escape to northern Thailand’s mountain tops, to a gourmet dining in idyllic spots, Faraway Elsewhere portfolio is ideal for travelers seeking a differentiated experience from the norm.

Following the Founders’ long history of hospitality services and creative fields, the portfolio was created to reflect the ultimate aspirations not only from the viewpoint of a luxury hotelier with specific ethos but also from the perspective of a discerning traveler, a creative artist, a gourmand, and a conservationist.

“Our intention is to share with our guests not only a landscape or a beautiful space but also its soul, the culture, the people, the food and their way of life in this part of the world - through our eyes. 


We invite our guests to experience not only as a visitor but also a local who is the master of the house. Most important of all, be themselves.”

Vision & Values



Faraway Elsewhere is guided by a deep respect for the environment and the cultures in which we are embedded. In today’s world, we believe the best way to sustain these, is to share them responsibly.


Our two priorities—our guests and the communities with which we work—inspire the meticulously-planned journeys we craft to take guests faraway and elsewhere, to sites and to experiences that revive the senses, rekindle the imagination, and revitalize the soul.      



Faraway Elsewhere takes the responsibilities of tourism seriously, preserving heritage, celebrating local culture, working with the seasons, and conserving our habitats.

We strive to make a positive impact on the world through responsible travel, sustainable farming, and organic food. 


For our guests, we always provide:

  • Naturally authentic experiences that journey into the heart of culturally-rich landscapes, off-the-beaten-track.

  • Retreats of understated luxury, personalized service, and the creature comforts of home.

  • Nourishing, seasonal, organic, farm-to-table foods sourced from independent farmers and prepared with local flavors.


For our team and company, we aim to cultivate:

  • The belief that we need to work in harmony with nature, to nurture it and to treat it with respect.

  • The will to champion sustainable, conscious living across all our food and hospitality offerings.

  • The desire to continually develop our pioneering work in sustainable agricultural practices.

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